Painting your existing cabinetry is an economical way to have a custom kitchen, and increase your home's value. Its fast, cost-effective, and noninvasive. There is no need to empty your cabinets or wallet!

Simple Treasures specializes in cabinetry and counter top painting. Its all we do, so we do it well. So well in fact, that we warranty our work!

Quality work, beautiful finishes. Over 1,000 kitchens transformed!!

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The Process:

Quotes are free:

  • Email photos of your kitchen from a couple angles. They need to inlcude the layout, and all the doors and drawers. If wanting a custom painted counter top, please include photos of all your counter space as well.  (and let me know to include that in the price)
  • I will email back a quote, and answer any questions you may have.  
  • Deposits are due the first appointment, no deposit necessary to schedule the dates.
  • You select any color paint, from any brand and I will have it matched and mixed in my cabinet paint. (Corotech Command, a Urethane Acrylic paint)

In your home:

  •  We remove the doors, hinges and knobs.  The doors are taken to the shop for painting.
  • Everything gets taped, floors and counters are protected from dust and spray
  • The bases are first sanded, deep cleaned,  and deglossed to ensure a bondable smooth surface.  We spray the primer, and paint, sanding between layers. 
    **We don't use brushes, so no drips, runs or brush strokes for a flawless finish!!  **
  • Doors (that have been painted in my shop) are reinstalled.

In my shop:

  • The doors are sanded, deep cleaned, deglossed for a smooth bondable surface.  Then we spray the primer, paint and topcoat layers, sanding between each. 
  • Hinges and knobs are reinstalled for hanging

I can help refinish what you have to give it a whole new look!