Q.What steps are taken to ensure satisfaction in workmanship, quality and durability?

We have a multi-step process for each kitchen to ensure the most professional finish possible. 
1. We sand all surfaces first.  This helps smooth out minor imperfections, and provides a bondable surface for your paint. 
2. We deep clean and then degloss.  This eliminates any dirt, debris, oils and grease which is necessary for the paint to bond.

3. We use a bonding primer, which eliminates any tannis bleed through in the wood, and creates a bondable surface for the paint to adhere.

4. We use acrylic urethane based paint.  This is good for kitchen enviornments, and is easily cleaned. .  The paint has a built in urethane, which adds  to its durability and ensures its resistance to chipping.

5.  We do not use brushes or rollers to apply your paint! No matter how great at self leveling a paint product is, there is no comparison to a sprayed surface. 

Q.  Do you offer a warrenty?

We absolutely guarantee our workmanship.  We will leave touch up paint for the occassional nick or chip.  However, if you experience more than occassional chips, cracking, or peeling within the first 2 years, please reach back to us to help troubleshoot the issue, and allow us to make repairs.  This is a very a uncommon need. 

Q:Does the paint chip?

There are a minumum of 4 layers applied. Generally 30 days time is necessary for them to cure completely.  After that time, they should only need very occassional touch ups and should not easily chip or wear.

Q:How durable are the counter tops and how long should they last?

The counter tops should last for years, as long as you treat them like you would Formica.  Use gentle soap and water cleanings, hot pads, and cutting boards.  They need to be resealed occassionally (depending on use once or twice a year). 

Q: Do I need to be there when you work on my kitchen?
A: No.  After the initial walk through, We can work independently.  Counter tops are the exception.  You will need to be there during that process to share input as I work, in order to ensure you love the finished look.

Q: How much time does it take?
A: It depends on the size of the project. Kitchens normally take 2 to 3  short visits.  The average appointment time is 6 hours.  In total, the process is usally under  7 days total.  You will have full use of your kitchen between appointments. 

Q: How Do I get a quote?

Email photos of your kitchen from a couple angles so I can see all the cabinet doors, drawers and layout.  I will email back a firm price quote.  simple.treasures.upcycling@gmail.com

Q:  What colors do you offer?

You can select any color from any brand of paint.  I need to know the paint name, number and brand 2 days prior to the first appointment, in order to have it matched and mixed in my paint brand.

Q: Who buys the paint?

All the supplies necessary to complete the project are included in the price.  I will mix and purchase the paint.

Q: How do I prepare for the first appointment:

Although there is no need to empty drawers or cabinets, please remove anything from cabinets that holds sentimental or monetary value prior to first visit.  I am careful, but in working with paint it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Please have your countetops cleared, and items pushed back from the inside edges of your cabinets 2 inches.