Wondering who I am? How did I get all covered in paint!?! This whole amazing, woman owned, family run company was a complete accident!! And what a wonderful accident it is. I was a stay at home Momma. Nothing better, right? Well except I developed (not really, it was there in the fringes of my mind all along) OCD with my last pregnancy. So things were pretty awful for us for a few years. I was angry and scared All. The. Time. When we discovered it was OCD, I read up on how to fix it. We made a plan, and I fought back every single day.

Baby steps first. I started a play group, and made sure to leave the house every day. Blah blah blah until one of the other Moms, showed me some painted furniture. She wanted to learn how, as a means of helping with their grocery budget. Well we talked and dreamed, and read and learned until my mind was so full of possibilities. I was ready. Gratefully I accepted a loan from my fabulous husband, loaded up the little and went junking. We ended up buying a shelf at a flea market for $8. I brought it home, cleaned it up, painted it teal, listed it on a yard sale site and sold it for $35. Now in reality the time, gas and supplies ate all that up. But I was changed. No better outlet for me. I painted furniture all day and night for the next year. I hunted for the perfect piece. Sent poor Steve to grab it up and haul it back. Cleaned, sanded, primed, painted until we no longer had a basement, it was my “shop”. Steve was picking up and delivering almost every day at one point. But I was coming back to my family. This saved me. Saved us.

I almost exclusively painted dining sets. Until I read on a painters forum that painted kitchen cabinets was a thing, I started studying again. I reached out online for someone willing to be a trial run. And Oh My Gosh, I have been so busy ever since. I have worked hard to keep growing and improving my process, products and self. Every bit of feedback I have been given, has helped me grow and improve. I started with a line of tape, a roller, and some poster board drip cloths. I now have a filter for dust, tape and paper the entire kitchen and a top of the line spray system. I have researched and researched products to ensure that what I paint is washable, and will last. Best of all, I have had both of my grown sons working with me. What better reward for a Mom? I have the opportunity to see my sons as more than my kids, but as adults. I see them interact with customers, and know first hand their work ethics. Its taught me to talk to them as adults, to allow for faults and growth in a more patient and forgiving way than I knew before.

And the families I’ve met. Fallen in love with. The lovely men and women who have shared their homes, lives, stories with me. Who have listened to my story. Who have opened up the heart of their homes to me, even if its just a day or two. Like reading a story and putting it down without getting the end. “did she have that baby yet?”, “Did Sara love her first day at school?”, “How’s your Momma doing now”, “Did your yard sale do well?”. Its so hard sometimes to be just a contractor, and not check back. I have given my girls the pictures your children colored and gave me. They Love them! Thank you.

I love what I do so much. I love what its given back to my family. I love that it allows me to give back to my community monthly. I am so very grateful for this. Thank you! So yes, I am covered in paint. Happily. Gratefully.